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Our two dedicated practitioners combine 46 years of clinical experience and are thoroughly trained in the latest technology available in age management medicine, regenerative medicine, functional medicine, allopathic medicine, clinical pharmacology and neutraceuticals, in order to help each patient attain optimal health.

We will formulate a personalized solution for each and every patient, delivered with warmth, compassion, understanding, and respect.

The practice of medicine is an art as well as a science.  Being a healer is our sacred calling. We look forward to working with you to achieve your highest goals.

“Primum non nocere”. First do no harm.


“Primum non nocere”.
First do no harm.


Jeffrey Mark, MD

Jeffrey Mark, MD


Dr. Jeffrey Mark, M.D. is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine including Biocellular Regenerative Therapy, Functional Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Internal Medicine. Dr. Mark received his B.S. in Neurophysiology from Northwestern University, and his M.D. from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He then returned to Northwestern University to complete his Internal Medicine Residency at Evanston Hospital, a Northwestern University Residency Program, now also affiliated with the University of Chicago. His specialty training in gastroenterology was completed at the Chicago Medical School. Dr. Mark expanded his medical education and training by completing his Board Certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, as well as a Stem Cell Fellowship in Biocellular Regenerative Therapy. He also completed the UCLA medical acupuncture program under Dr. Joseph Helms, who taught the same program at the Stanford Medical School. Dr. Mark has a thorough understanding of integrative medicine and believes in a holistic approach to disease prevention and treatment, and has been in practice for over 23 years. Due to his vast expertise, a visit with Dr. Mark is essentially like spending time with 4 different specialists at one sitting. He focuses on getting to the root cause of his patients’ concerns, and his goal is to help each patient rejuvenate their body from the inside out to attain the best clinical outcome. Many of his patients travel from all over the country to see him for not a second opinion, but rather, for a third opinion. He is committed to helping you find a solution to your health concerns.


Dr. Mark has received many Awards and Distinctions, including:

  • Patient’s Choice Award – 5 + years Honoree [only the Top 1% of U.S. physicians are granted this award]
  • Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award – 5+ years Honoree
  • Compassionate Doctor Certification
Frances Mark, Pharm.D.,D.D.

Frances Mark, Pharm.D.,D.D.

Age Management & Bioenergetics Specialist

Dr. Fran Mark, Pharm.D.,D,D. is a Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist. She received her B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Nevada Reno, and her Pharm.D. from the University of California at San Francisco /U.C.S.F. She began her career in cancer research, clinical pharmacy specializing in renal transplantation, dermatology, drug information and regulatory affairs. She has spent the past 19 years working in private practice together with Jeffrey Mark, M.D. Dr. Fran works closely with Dr. Mark to thoroughly researches every product that is part of the All Functional Health supplement line. These supplements are pharmaceutical grade offered in medically effective dosages, backed by Dr. Mark’s many years of clinical experience with consistently excellent results. Dr. Fran is very passionate about these pharmaceutical grade supplements because they are what she relies on to keep herself and her family healthy. She has also introduced Ageless Rituals, M.D. to the practice, a line of medical grade skin care products with exceptional efficacy and patient satisfaction. She enjoys teaching classes on medical detoxification, functional skin care, stress reduction techniques, including the Heart Rate Variability method, as well as utilizing cutting-edge modalities such as bioenergetics, energy medicine and acoustic wave technology to achieve optimal health and wellness.