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PRP and PRP with Biocelluar Regenerative Therapy

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and can be used to treat tendon and ligament injuries. PRP is concentrated plasma from whole blood and contains growth factors that instruct the body to heal. These growth factors can recruit various cells of repair including stem cells.

The reason tendons and ligaments have a hard to time healing is because they do not have a direct blood supply for growth factors in the blood plasma to get in and signal the need for repair when injury occurs.

PRP can be obtained from one’s own blood.  Done by the hands of a well trained and seasoned physician using a fine needle, the PRP is precisely injected at the point of injury for the best healing to occur. Dr. Mark does this procedure himself under ultrasound guidance to attain optimal results.

PRP injection is totally different than steroid injections.  Steroid injections only need to be injected in the general area to reduced inflammation and swelling which in some cases reduces pain. It is not typically done under ultrasound.  Unfortunately, steroids actually damage stem cells and can hinder the natural repair process.

PRP on the other hand, may lead to some mild inflammation initially triggering a healing cascade towards growth of new cells for repair (proliferation) followed by remodeling of the tissue into a repaired tendon or ligament. It is like if you cut your finger, it gets red and inflamed at the site of the cut first as cells first migrate to the area, then red granulation tissue grows filling in the cut or defective tissue, and then finally remodeling occurs.  Once the scab falls off,  the skin is a good as new.

PRP may be combined with stem cells. This approach may be needed for more serious injuries and usually gives the best results for chronic injuries that have existed for some time. The PRP is like the mortar and the stem cells are like the bricks in the reparative processes.

The patients with the best and optimal results for PRP and or stem cells therapy would have a comprehensive consultation and full laboratory work up with one of our Anti-aging specialist to optimize the following:

  • Hormones
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements
  • PT evaluation
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

Board Certified In Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Medicine
Board Certified In Biocellular Therapy
Board Certified In Functional Medicine
Board Certified In Gastroenterology
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