What Others Have to Say:

Dr. Jeffrey Mark suggested that I would benefit from doing his Detox Program in order to address a deficiency he noticed in my blood test. I did the”14-Day Detox”, taking the powder packets and supplementary capsules as directed, followed by another 7 days of the Bio-transform powder product. From the information booklet, I selected sauerkraut and raw cauliflower as my snack foods. No other snacks consumed. I chose Dinner as my non-powder meal, having 5-6 ounces of Grass Fed Beef, plus vegetables (no starches, sugars, etc, per the instructions). No alcohol or caffeinated beverages. Filtered water only, as directed.I experienced no ill effects at all from the program, but after just a few days,I noticed I had dropped some weight. I started at 188 lbs, and finished at 174 lbs. The powder drink tastes good to me, and I was very surprised at how comfortable I felt throughout the Detox Program in terms of NOT being hungry. I saw Dr. Mark a day after completion of the program, and was stunned to see my blood pressure had significantly dropped from a long term average around 120/85 to 85/65. That was amazing to me, and not an expected outcome. In 5 months or so, I will have my blood tested again to see if my numbers have improved further ….and check on my blood pressure, of course! Also, I am going to continue having the Bio transform Sugar Free and Stevia Free powder once daily for the long term, as I like it. It’s very economical on a per-meal-substitute basis, it’s a superb product nutritionally, it meets a specific protein/carb requirement that I can count on for one meal as a sort of “anchor” to help me be more mindful and disciplined about my daily “real” food intake. My goal is better weight maintenance and keeping my blood pressure down to my “new” safer level. Bruce McKendry - 71 y.o. Age Management and Regenerative Medicine Patient

Dr Jeffrey Mark is amazing. His approach is to get to the source of the situation. He utilizes the best testing to determine what exactly is the problem(s). Once determined, his approach is to provide the Functional medication to correct each individual problem in your system. All the while NOT creating more problems! Functional Medicine does not come with a long list of side effects. Everything I took/take benefits a specific function in me. No oops. If one does not know how the body functions internally, they might not understand his treatment methodology. I am a retired nurse, and I am alive because of the brilliance of Dr. Mark. I have been working with him for close to 3 years due to the severity of my internal being. We were constantly challenged in RESTORING my proper internal functions; the body is complex. One thing does lead to another. Dr. Mark never ceased to amaze me with his knowledge. Not once did I question his treatment plan. He spoke, we discussed and moved forward toward the goal of restoration. Time well spent. My 70 year old functioning body has not been in such good shape since I was a young child. If you want a strong, HEALTHY body you owe it to yourself to make an appointment. Once you meet and speak with Dr. Mark you can be starting down the path of the targeted healing process that comes with regenerating your body. You have the opportunity to feel as you did, or extremely better. What ever you are experiencing has a chance of being healed. Bonus: is the anti-aging effects that you can accomplish while getting your health back. I feel fantastic and look younger than my chronological age. Joy and happiness in my heart, peace within my body; quality life. I totally have faith in Dr. Mark. Barbra Brooks - 70 y.o. Age Management and Regenerative Medicine Patient

I wanted to take this time and opportunity to thank Dr. Jeffrey Mark for his professional and thoughtful manner before, during and after my procedure. I know that thoughtful and professional are sometimes oxymoron’s when it comes to doctors but I can attest to the fact that Dr.Mark has it all! I had Juvederm injections done on and around my lips and I could not be happier with the results! I am SO pleased with the entire experience, I can’t even express it enough!! The best testament-I think-came from my 15 year old son who ACTUALLY NOTICED and commented stating “you are a lot less wrinkly, you look younger and have nicer color in your lips!” Now if my teenage son can see the difference, I know that a great job was done.
Kim P. - Age Management and Regenerative Medicine Patient

A few years ago I first contacted Dr. Mark for a stomach virus that I couldn’t seem to get well from. Dr. Mark took the time to explain to me that my digestive system was likely compromised from the chemotherapy I had received a few years prior and started me on a 30 day plan to reset the bacteria levels in my stomach which chemotherapy damages. He prescribed a  probiotic and two different powders to drink daily. Not only did this completely cure my stomach problems I felt better than I had in a long time. Dr. Mark explained that when our bacteria levels are correct we are able to better absorb the nutrients from food therefore we are better nourished and feel better overall. I still take the probiotics to this day and have never had any recurrence of stomach problems.  I would like to take a moment to extend my appreciation to Dr. Mark and his office for helping me stay healthy.   Patti Z. - A cancer survivor patient

For the better part of my life I have suffered from acute anxiety. Recently personal circumstances caused my anxiety to skyrocket. I sought out Dr. Mark for a solution and sure enough he had a supplement that helps with anxiety. I had my doubts that a supplement could help because traditionally anxiety is treated with prescription drugs so I was certain a supplement would not help. I was ASTOUNDED that within 3-4 days my anxiety level had dropped to almost nothing. Today I’m anxiety free and feeling better than ever. Thank you Dr. Mark and everyone at All Functional Health for providing the excellent products and services that keep us healthy. A San Ramon Patient

When my son was diagnosed with ADHD in 4th Grade, I took him to 6 different specialists who all just wanted to put my son on prescription drugs. He was unable to focus in school and was always getting in trouble with his teacher. I felt pressured by everyone to put him on medications but knew in my gut that is not what I wanted for him. I wanted a natural solution and that is precisely what I found with Dr. Mark who tested my son, and manage his ADHD with diet and supplements and other natural options. I’m happy to say that my child is now thriving in school and I know I found the best solution for my family. Thank you Dr. Mark.
S.Y. - A Danville patient

I first saw Dr Mark just over 10 years ago.  He was very attentive and pleasant as is the rest of his staff.   I have GI issues which I deal with through diet and supplements and his office has a full line of products for my issues and other issues as well.  One product I use regularly and have actually bought for others is the Vegan Meal.  It is both satisfying and tasty.  I would highly recommend Dr Mark for anyone looking for a kind and knowledgeable doctor for their GI concerns and also for the quality supplements that the office offers.
Margaret - Age Management and Regenerative Medicine Patient